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Do First Impressions Count?

Once up a time (I promise this isn't a fairy tale!) visits to the dentist may involve impressions. The type of impressions that most patient's dread! They are supposed to taste of berries or mint but are simply foul.

There is some good news. Digital impressions. Using our latest element 5plus iTero scanner, we can now take a 3D image of your teeth and soft tissues. The scanner is more accurate than impressions meaning crowns, bridges and implants fit more accurately and consistently.

The iTero scanner can also simulate before and after orthodontic treatment using the latest technology from Invisalign so you can immediately visualise expected outcomes.

Both of these images in this blog is of the same patient. The iTero scanner is ideal if you struggle with impressions and have a strong gag reflex as the whole process took less than three minutes to complete.

The images are so clear that it can be used to show plaque and aid in improving patient's oral hygiene. It will show defective restorations and this can be shown to patients as an aid to consenting and communicating why treatment is needed. Not only that but the iTero scanner comes with an infra red setting NIRI which, can detect areas of demineralisation (early cavities).

At Broad Street Dental Surgery we are continuing to invest in the latest technologies so that we may provide our patient's with the best possible treatment. Please follow our instagram page:

@broadstreet_dental for all the latest news and insight into practice life.

p.s. New patients are always welcome!!

Author: Andrew Farr Dentist

Principal Dentist at Broad Street Dental Surgery

Instagram: @hereford_dentist

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