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We're Open! Thank you for your Support.

We’re Open!


We want to thank you for your incredible support, patience and understanding over these past few months. Without the loyalty and support of our patient's it is quite likely that there would be no dental practice for our patients and staff to return to!

We are therefore delighted to be returning and we cannot wait to continue your treatment.

What’s next?

We will be prioritising the emergencies that we have already triaged throughout lockdown and we do not expect to return to ‘a new normal’ for at least 3-4 weeks.

We will be opening with a reduced capacity and increasing as the threat level decreases, in line with government and Chief Dental Officer’s advice and guidelines. This is because we have to allow a ‘Fallow Time’ between each patient, don and doff PPE and to scrupulously decontaminate the surgery. We promise to communicate our plans and the next steps to all of our patients as they develop.

This has been an incredibly difficult closure and even more difficult to try and ensure the safety of our staff and our patients and, while we are confident we have achieved this, it’s something we feel we ought not to rush.

What to expect:

We are able to run a report of patients that have been cancelled and that are due.  As such, it will be more efficient and fair to everyone if we contact you in the order that you were originally booked.

If you have an upcoming appointment, please wait for confirmation before you arrive at the practice. We will not be able to accommodate you if you turn up and hope for the best. Prior to your appointment, a member of staff will contact you and will go through a series of risk related questions relating to your current COVID status and medical history. This is so we can treat and advise you as safely as possible during the current alert level.


If you have an emergency please call the surgery on 01432 266899

Dental Hygiene

Due to the aerosol-generating nature of dental hygiene appointments, your hygienist will, for the moment, not be using an Ultra-Sonic Scaler (the vibrating water jet one). Instead, you will receive a thorough clean using hand instruments only. Your appointments will still finish with a standard prophy paste polish and you will of course still leave with immaculately clean teeth.

Pre-Arrival Check List

We aim to reduce the time spent in the waiting room and reduce the risk of manual transfer so there will be a number of things we ask you to fill, sign and complete before you arrive:

COVID-19 Screen Questionnaire - Telephone triage

Pre-Payment via Telephone - if required

Use the toilet as our facility will now be out of use as it is a designated hand washing only area. Please go before you arrive!

Travel light and without friends & family where possible

Patient PPE - is possible please wear a mask or facial covering as we are in a building with other businesses who use the stairwell, lifts and corridors.

Please wear a cloth or disposable facemask to the practice.

One of the team will take your temperature with a digital touch-less thermometer on arrival and show you to a patient PPE station to sanitise your hands. You will be asked to remain a safe distance at reception to complete a further COVID symptom questionnaire prior to your appointment.

PPE Supplement Fee

If you are having an aerosol-generating treatment (anything that uses a drill and/or creates a spray of air and water) we are required to wear Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment. This includes a respirator mask, surgical gowns, apron, a visor, gloves. There are several practices in the area charging around £40 as a supplemental fees for this. I want to reassure our Denplan patients that at Broad Street Dental Surgery we will NOT be charging any supplemental fee as we feel that given the loyalty shown by our patient we will absorb this extra cost as a thank you.

Booking your next appointment

We will ask that you do not return to reception after your appointment, all further appointments can be made via telephone and email at a later date.

Safety Measures

We have invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring we have the utmost safety measures in place. These include Acrylic Screen for reception, Zoning and a one way system n the Practice, team training, Full Personal Protective Equipment for all our staff, clinical and non-clinical.

We know our appearance may seem a little impersonal and scary, for this we apologise but we assure you, it’s still us under there!

Thank you!

We need to politely ask for just a bit more patience over the coming weeks, but we should hopefully see you soon! Thank you again for your kindness and understanding.

Wishing you well.

Broad Street Dental Practice

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