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Straumann Foundation in Imlantology Course

This year I have made the decision to start down the long journey of Implantology. I’ve always had a keen interest in oral surgery and restorative dentistry having spent a year working at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth in the Maxillo-Facial department and now I want to expand and use those skills that I was taught there.

Looking for the right course wasn’t the easiest  by any means, there are so many options! Do I go back to University and study for an MSc or approach the Implant companies and use their training pathways? There are even pathways with privately set up academies to consider.

What I didn’t want to do was just go on a simple “Mickey-Mouse” weekend course and start placing implants like some i know!

Currently at Broad Street Dental Practice we use the Straumann implant system, we have an excellent rep that visits us and I am used to the components used so this seemed like a good place to start. Stramann provide a year long Foundation course partnered with the ITI  (Internal Team for Implantology) and a mentor system where I can be guided through the initial steps of placing implants. There is also a continued learning pathway that i can pursue and treat more advanced cases.

I will be starting this journey in February 2017 and will be regularly updating the blog so that other Dentists can see if this is the right course for them. I will also be looking to provide implants for patients and if you are interested then please contact the surgery as there may be discounts available initially.

Andrew Farr

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