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Invisalign at Broad Street - Let's get things straight

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Ever wished that you could straighten out that annoying front tooth, the one that always shows during important photos? Or are you too embarrassed to show off your smile? Invisalign at Broad Street Dental surgery can help.

We have many patients attending asking for straighter teeth with ages ranging from late teens to 70+. The truth is teeth move over time and its never to late to set things straight!

Below is a case of orthodontic relapse. The patient had braces when she was younger but due to the fact that her retainers broke and over time the teeth moved. This case was treated using the latest Invisalign technology and iTero digital scanning.

Invisalign Hereford Broad Street Dental Surgery
Before photo Broad street Dental surgery Invisalign

The patient's teeth were scanned with our iTero digital scanner (no need for uncomfortable impressions!). A digital workflow was created and a sequence of Invisalign clear aligner made. These are almost invisible and highly aesthetic.

The treatment was completed within 9months for both the upper and lower arch. The patient was clearly delighted with the results.

Straight teeth following Invisalign
Final result

If you would like to know more please contact us on:

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