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Exciting New Hygienist Surgery

We are continuing to invest and grow Broad Street Dental Surgery and some exciting changes are nearly complete! If you have visited the practice recently, then you may have noticed a few builders popping in and out.

Surgery for before shot - Broad Street Dental Surgery
Decluttered and ready to go
New Hygienist room taking shape
Cabinets going in - Broad Street Dental surgery

The surgery had been used as an overflow for storage of old equipment and notes. After some major decluttering and reorganisation that took almost 6 months, the surgery was ready to fulfill its full potential. The cabinets were designed and fitted by Arc Interior Solutions Ltd as shown below:

Broad Street Dental Surgery Hygienist
Cabinets are in

The new room has some spectacular view across Hereford and on clear days you can even see the Black Mountains! The surgery has now been fitted with the latest ambidextrous dental chair from #Planmeca

With the extra surgery space now available we will be offering direct access for our patients and for patients who cannot access a hygienist at their own dental practice. We will hopefully be able to accommodate more new patients to join us at Broad Street Dental Surgery.

We hope to see you all soon @BroadStreet

Andrew Farr Principal Dentist

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