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COVID-19 Update

Broad Street Dental Surgery

COVID-19 Update

A New Year at Broad Street Dental Surgery

Well that was a fun year!!! 2020 has come and gone and with good ridance. The start of the New Year is normally begun with much excitement and hope. Unfortunately, we have been met with much uncertainty and turmoil.

With the increasing rates of COVID-19 transmission, Herefordshire goes into the New Year in full lockdown again! These restrictions and guidelines can be accessed along with further information.

Broad Street Dental Surgery is open and our service remains unaffected by tier 3 restrictions. We continue to take our patient’s and staff’s safety extremely seriously. Including:

1. High disinfection procedures

2. Comprehensive screening for staff and patients - Please wear a mask during your visit!

3. Successful one-way system to limit patient’s coming into contact with each other.

4. Wearing PPE/Masks in all areas

So that we can maintain our high standards of dental care we will carry on investing in Level 3 PPE. This will enable us to treat you safely and at the same time keep our members of staff safe.

Althought are taking every possible precation to keep our patient's safe, if you would be more comfortable in postponing your appointment until the rates of Coronavirus infections settle or until you feel more comfortable to attend, this is absolutely fine. Please could you give the practice plenty of notice and we can either re-arrange or wait for you to contact us later in the year.

Althought the coronavirus has caused us much upset, we are determined to push the practice forward in 2021. We will take this oppertunity to reinvest and develope the practice digitally by introducing digital X-rays and Digital monitoring. Digital Monitoring is a way in which we can use technology to monitor the progress of dental treatment such as when using Clear Aligners to straighten teeth. This will keep you both safe at home and will reduce the need for unnecessary travel to and from appointments.

If you are in need of a Dental appointment or would like to join our practice please contact us on 01432 266899 or email

For continued updates please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages

Thank you for your continued support

Keep Safe and a Happy New Year

Andrew Farr

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