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Back to School - Sports Guards

As the Summer holidays draw to an end with the familiar rush of re-stocking the school uniform, new school bags and the P.E. Kit. One aspect of the P.E. kit which is often over looked especially in secondary school is the humble Sport Guard (Gum Shield). Do NOT forget about the Sports Guard!!

If you play any form contact sport from Rugby, Hockey to Martial Arts a well fitting Sport Guard (not a flimsy "put it in some hot water and mold it" type Sports Guard) could be the difference between keeping and loosing a tooth. It could be the difference between a blow to the jaw ending in fracture and other injuries such as concussion. It is important for ANY sports person undertaking any level of contact sport that requires a mouth guard to get a custom-made mouth guard from a dentist.

At Broad Street Dental Surgery we can produce custom-made sports guards in a variety of colours from single block to multicolour guards to match your school or team.

If you need any more information on Sports Guards or any other treatment please contact the practice on 01432 266899 or email

Andrew Farr

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