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Adult Orthodontics

Mrs A. 32years old presented complaining of anterior crowding and really wanted to correct and align the upper central incisors.

Mrs A. had an Anterior open bite, excellent oral hygiene with no evidence of periodontal disease, caries or other pathology. She was happy to proceed with an upper fixed appliance only as she did not want or feel the need to correct the mild crowding in the lower arch. Mrs A. was aware that short term orthodontics would not correct the anterior open bite and this was not a concern for her.

Upper and lower impressions were taken and sent to Quick Straight Teeth (QST) for an upper fixed appliance. Pre-operative photographs and radiographs were taken.

By simply bonding the upper brackets and arch wire as instructed by QST and working through the arch wires supplied this case was completed without any IPR and within 5 months


Mrs A was fitted with both a palatal fixed retainer and given an Essix removable retainer. she was delighted with the final results. This case demonstrates how simple short term orthodontics can significantly improve aesthetics and maintain a very natural appearance.

Andrew Farr  BDS, MJDF

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