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Ready for a Whiter, Lighter Smile?

With the nights closing in and COVID restrictions slowly easing maybe there's finally something to start smiling about? Now could be the time to dazzle your friends, add some sparkly and lighten your smile which has been hidden for so long behind dreary worn out masks and rags.

We use only the best tooth whitening agents from Boutique Whitening. Teeth are slowly whitened using 16% Carbamide Peroxide that is placed is custom made whitening trays. These are worn over night for two weeks leaving you with a fresh looking smile. We can also provide you with "top-up" whitening gels for that special occasion!

Why would I need Boutique Whitening?

It can help to give you a younger and brighter smile, boosting your self confidence.

Age, smoking and the consumption of red wine, curry or other staining substances can take their toll on the colour of your teeth. Whitening helps to remove stains, altering the colour of your teeth by several shades to reverse the effects of ageing and tooth-staining habits.

What are the benefits of Whitening?

  • Boutique Whitening offers product ranges which are suited to different lifestyles.

  • The whitening gels in Boutique Whitening products act quickly, providing visible results in a matter of days.

  • Improves self-esteem.

  • Home whitening kit is convenient, and you can even whiten your teeth while you are asleep.

  • Dentist recommended products are safer than an over-the-counter product.

  • Access to custom-made trays that fit your teeth, so you won’t damage surrounding soft tissue, whilst increasing the effectiveness of the gels.

If you are interested in tooth whitening at Broad Street Dental Surgery then please give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to help and answer any question you may have.

01432 266899

Andrew Farr Principal Dentist

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