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Beware DIY Orthodontics

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Direct to consumer Orthodontics

Don’t take the risk!

There has been a huge increase in the uptake of “Direct to consumer orthodontics” whereby the consumer takes an impression and aligners are sent in the post. Sounds simple? For so many people this is a disaster waiting to happen and now the GDC has become involved.

“The GDC is aware of an increasing number of organisations offering services remotely, including ‘direct-to-consumer’ orthodontics using clear aligners. These services fall within the legal definition of dentistry so can only be performed by dentists and dental care professionals who are registered with the GDC. Anybody practising dentistry while not registered with the GDC could be subject to prosecution for illegal practice.”

A great deal of planning and discussion happens between the Dentist and Patient before a detailed treatment plan is provided. We will guide you through each stage of the process and not only review your progress but also oral hygiene status and any other issues which may surface during treatment.

With remote "DIY" orthodontics and when dealing with an online company, ask yourself:

1. Who is the treating Dentist that made the treatment plan?

2. Can I contact this Dentist directly?

3. Are they GDC registered and qualified to provide treatment?

4. How can they accurately assess your individual needs, dental health and current dental state with a photo and/or only impressions?

5. What if something goes wrong? Who do I contact? Who will help

At Broad Street Dental Surgery we have a vast wealth of experience when treating crowded teeth, closing spaces and correcting twisted unsightly areas. We will offer a detailed treatment plan as well as a before and after digital analysis of what we would expect to achieve, giving you peace of mind during your treatment.

We provide both aesthetically pleasing fixed braces as well as clear aligner treatment to suit most malocclusions and will advise you on which, would best suit your specific needs.

The British Orthodontic Society and the Oral Health Foundation are experts when it comes to your oral and orthodontic health. They have created Safe Brace – a trusted space where you can get independent and impartial advice about making the right choice for you. Or please contact us on 01432 266899 or message us on our social media platform @broadstreet_dental

Before and after photos using a fixed braces with clear 3M ceramic brackets

Clear aligner technology showing the original model on the left and the final aligner on the right.

For more information on adult braces, please call our friendly staff who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dr Andrew Farr BDS(Hons) MJDF

Practice Principal

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